22 July 2024
State Department's @UnderSecStateP John Bass on Georgia:nn“It is both deeply disturbing and saddening to see the aspirations and dreams of entire [Georgian] society being held hostage to grievances of one individual: Bidzina Ivanishvili"
Borrell says its an orientation debate on Georgia but no concrete decisions. but says there can be short-term measures soon - scaling down high-level visits, pausing aid, including military aid
More than 15 police officers were killed, as well as six militants, - the head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov
2 suspected militants killed in Derbent and 4 in Mahachkala. 16 person wounded, 8 policemen and 2 more civilians killed. Active phase of operation has been concluded in Derbent
4 week ago
All exits from Makhachkala are blocked, the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Dagestan reported
4 militants were killed as result of clashes in Mahachkala
Clashes reported in Sergokala district of Dagestan4 week ago
Clashes reported in Sergokala district of Dagestan
4 week ago
The head of the Sergokalinsky district of Dagestan, Magomed Omarov, was detained. His sons allegedly took part in the attack in the republic.
At least 9 killed in clashes in Dagestan, including 7 law enforcement officers
3 suspected militants and 1 Rosguard serviceman were killed as result of clashes in Makhachkala and Derbent towns of Dagestan
Armoured vehicles seen on the streets of Derbent, Dagestan
Clashes with suspected militants in Mahachkala, Dagestan
Clashes with suspected militants in Derbent
4 week ago
One person was killed and three were injured as a result of shooting in Abkhazia, the republic's Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.
1 month ago
Armenia recognizes the State of Palestine - statement by the country's Foreign Ministry
1 month ago
Armenia remains an ally of the CSTO, all the organization's obligations towards Yerevan remain in force - CSTO Secretary General
1 month ago
Ministry of Defense of Armenia: The message of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan that on June 13 at around 19:50 units of the Armenian Armed Forces opened fire in the direction of Azerbaijani positions located in the southwestern part of the border zone is not true
Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan: Our positions in the direction of Nakhchivan have been fired upon again
"The United States values expanded bilateral cooperation with Armenia and supports PM Pashinyan’s efforts to promote peace and prosperity for Armenia and the South Caucasus region," State Dept says
1 month ago
The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has addressed, through the French embassy in Yerevan, to the French government with an official proposal to prepare a limited contingent of troops for deployment on the territory of Armenia in order to transfer experience and organize technical maintenance of weapons supplied by the French Republic
1 month ago
Armenia summoned its ambassador in Minsk to Yerevan for consultations
1 month ago
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that neither he nor any other official will visit Belarus while Lukashenka is president there. The reason is the statements of the Belarusian president in Azerbaijan.
Tensions in Yerevan between anti-government protesters and police1 month ago
Tensions in Yerevan between anti-government protesters and police
1 month ago
The process of withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from the Karabakh region has been completed - Azerbaijani Defense Ministry
1 month ago
In Georgia, Mtavari Arkhi media outlet claims that the Georgian government is preparing to restore diplomatic relations with Russia, severed since 2008, and is reportedly selecting diplomatic personnel for the Georgian embassy in Moscow
Drones were spot over Kaspiysk, Dagestan
Anti-government protests today in Yerevan1 month ago
Anti-government protests today in Yerevan
1 month ago
Blackouts in Abkhazia due to heavy rains
Ukrainian drones have attacked airfield in Mozdok, local authorities reported 3 were shot down
Explosions at gas station in Abovyan city in Armenia1 month ago
Explosions at gas station in Abovyan city in Armenia