16 July 2024
Protesters in Tbilisi set off fireworks towards riot police, who retaliated with water cannons.
Protesters on Rustaveli Avenue have set up a barricade near the parliament
Protesters are making barricades out of street benches, trash bins to shield themselves from tear gas capsules thrown at them by @MIAofGeorgia special forces
The riot police resumed active action to disperse the remaining protesters on Rustaveli Avenue, they used tear gas, water cannons and began moving forward
Georgia's government forces use tear gas, water cannons, and pepper spray against the people. They are also arresting some protestors
Riot police dispersing protesters in Tbilisi, Georgia with water canons and tear gas. Explosives are being fired. Protesters demand gov withdraw Russian style draft law on Foreign Agents, passed by first hearing yesterday. Second day of crackdown on protesters
Tbilisi: The police announced that the participants of the rally should disperse, otherwise force will be used to break up the rally
In Tbilisi Police began using tear gas and water cannons against the protesters. There are heavy clashes
Tbilisi, Rustaveli Avenue. Protest action against the Russian law. Drone footage. Video: @RTavisupleba
People protesting against the foreign agent law, which yesterday passed its first reading, cheer for Georgian fighters in Ukraine, who earlier called for people to continue their fight for Georgia's European future. Video: Mariam Nikuradze/OC Media
A group of students from different universities in Tbilisi joined the demonstration on Rustaveli Avenue, near the @Geoparliament. The students are chanting slogans against the "Russian law"
Protests against Russian law continue outside the Georgian parliament. Tens of thousands came
New protests in Tbilisi today, over the Georgian parliament adopting a law on "foreign agents." Reports say several thousands are gathered outside parliament
March against Foreign Agents law was held in Kutaisi, Georgia
At least 50 people were arrested at the protest rally in Tbilisi yesterday
1 year ago
More arrests in Tbilisi. Peaceful protesters are still in the streets
Massive tear gas use on Rustaveli Avenue. Crowds disperse
Tens of thousands remain gathered outside the Georgian Parliament, where protesters have taken down barricades. Pepper spray and tear gas have been deployed against the crowds
Multiple arrests are reported in Tbilisi, including opposition leader @Zuraja
.@StateDeptSpox: We see reports from Tbilisi that tear gas and other means were used against demonstrators to suppress protests against the law on foreign agents. Our message is that peaceful demonstrators should be allowed to express their rights freely
President said she will veto the law. Her veto cannot change anything, since "Georgian Dream" has enough MPs to overcome the president's veto
President Zourabichvili from the US: "Those MPs who voted today for this law, they are all violating the Constitution"
More water cannon used now
Georgian government continues an attempt to disperse peaceful protesters with water cannon but people stand still in protest against the Russian foreign agent law
Screenshots from live broadcasts show one or two fires erupting around 23:15 TBS time (20:15 CET) that may have originated from "Molotov cocktails," the fires were promptly put out by a water cannon
Molotov cocktails were used during clashes with police in Tbilisi
Georgian government punishing its citizens for protesting Russian foreign agents law. Footage from Tbilisi, happening now - police using water cannon
Georgia: Protesters gathered in front of the building of parliament in Tbilisi after Georgia's parliament adopted a controversial "foreign agent" law. The law would require organizations receiving more than 20 percent in funding from abroad to register as "foreign agents
Tbilisi: The special forces are still using pepper spray against the protestors
Georgian special forces against peaceful demonstrators
Allegedly pepper spray used by riot police against peaceful protesters at the Parliament of Georgia