23 June 2024
The Security Council of Armenia says that Yerevan and Baku reached an agreement on a truce from 20:00 on September 14
Big anti-government rally tonight in Yerevan
Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff Adam Schiff: Azerbaijan must stop attacking and terrorizing Armenian civilians. And the U.S. and its allies must unequivocally condemn Azeri actions. Today, we introduced a resolution with a resounding message: No more U.S. support for Azerbaijan. It must pay for its belligerence
1 year ago
Azerbaijan continues intensive rocket and artillery strikes along entire border from Sotk to Goris - Armenian Defense Ministry
1 year ago
Azerbaijan has temporarily suspended usage of "TikTok" in the country
As a result of the fighting, Azerbaijan established control over some territories of Armenia - PM Pashinyan
PM of Armenia Pashinyan: draft law on imposing martial law is under consideration, but so far no need in it
PM Pashinyan says 105 Armenian servicemen were killed as of this moment
Armenian Defense Ministry: At 15:00, the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border again became extremely tense. From 15:00, along the entire border line from Sotk to Goris, the enemy resumed intensive rocket and artillery shelling, also targeting peaceful settlements, using xombat UAVs. The Azerbaijani side also attacked Russian FSB vehicles carrying out a humanitarian mission in the war zone. Azerbaijani units also resumed attempts at positional advancement
1 year ago
Reuters: Erdogan will discuss the border issue of Azerbaijan and Armenia with Putin in Samarkand
1 year ago
Azerbaijan calls Armenia for a ceasefire and states that it is ready to unilaterally hand over the bodies of up to 100 Armenian servicemen
Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia: We have asked Russia to fulfil some provisions of the military alliance, as our territorial integrity is under threat
Armenia deputy Foreign Minister says there is a clear risk that border clashes with Azerbaijan could escalate into a war
Von der Leyen: "I want the people of the Western Balkans, of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to know: your are part of our family, your future is in our Union and our Union is not complete without you"
1 year ago
Clashes resumed this morning at Azerbaijani-Armenian border
Azerbaijan IAI Harop strikes Armenia S300 AD system radar1 year ago
Azerbaijan IAI Harop strikes Armenia S300 AD system radar
Armenian sources claim that this video shows how Russian "peacekeepers" abandoned their base in Syunik border zone as soon as the Azerbaijan Azerbaijani military attacked Armenian territory
"We've seen significant evidence of Azerbaijani shelling inside Armenia" with damage, @StateDeptSpox tells reporters. "There is unlikely to be one proximate cause"
CSTO at extraordinary meeting decided to send general secretary of organisation to the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia to make a report about situation
#Cyprus condemns in unequivocal terms the attacks unleashed by #Azerbaijan on sovereign territories of #Armenia&urges 4 their immediate cessation&respect for Nov 9,2020 ceasefire statement. @CyprusMFA @MFAofArmenia @IKasoulides @AraratMirzoyan @v_hunanyan
Blinken says Washington deeply concerned about the eruption of clashes along the the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, repeats there can be no military solution to the conflict and urges an end to the military hostilities immediately
1 year ago
Message from the Armenian Defense Ministry: As of 14:00, the situation remains extremely tense on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Despite the lower intensity, the enemy continues to attempt a positional change in the direction of Nerkin And, Vardenis, Verin Shorzha, Artanish and Sotk
Shelling reported near Sotk1 year ago
Shelling reported near Sotk
France called a meeting of the UN Security Council regarding the tension on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border
Russian Foreign Ministry says it has mediated ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan, starting 9am. Also expressed deeply concern over situation1 year ago
Russian Foreign Ministry says it has mediated ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan, starting 9am. Also expressed deeply concern over situation
Pashinyan called Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi
Azerbaijan declares that it should have a corridor through the territory of Armenia. Our position was and remains such that we are not going to provide anyone with a corridor through the territory of Armenia, - Pashinyan
During negotiations, Azerbaijan had territorial claims to Armenia from Nrnadzor up to Yerevan: Pashinyan
At least 49 Armenians were killed in clashes with Azerbaijan, reports Armenian Prime Minister
On the Armenia's request, a meeting of the CSTO Permanent Council is underway, - Pashinyan said