11 December 2023
Armenian Ministry of Defense: 2 Armenian soldiers killed in clashes at Armenia-Azerbaijan border, 2 more wounded
1 year ago
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry condemns Armenia's actions on the Kelbajar direction of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border
1 year ago
Armenia's Defense Ministry reports that at roughly 5:30pm local time, Azerbaijani Armed Forces resumed fire on eastern part of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Artillery and drones are being used. As of 6pm, the exchange of fire continues. 3 wounded on the Armenian side
1 year ago
1 Armenian serviceman wounded in Verin Shorzha of Gegarkunik region in cross-border shooting
1 year ago
Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said one serviceman killed in a shootout on the border with Armenia
1 year ago
US Army CL600 ARTEMIS BRIO68 active over #Georgia
Authorities in Karabakh says tractor was targeted by Azerbaijani troops at Askeran area1 year ago
Authorities in Karabakh says tractor was targeted by Azerbaijani troops at Askeran area
UAZ vehicle burnt in Girmizi Bazaar as result of shelling1 year ago
UAZ vehicle burnt in Girmizi Bazaar as result of shelling
1 year ago
Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense denies that Azerbaijani troops targeted vehicle in Girmizi Bazaar
1 year ago
Extraordinary virtual summit of CSTO on events in Kazakhstan just started
Fire at oil storage in Gudermes, Chechnya. No casualties
1 year ago
US Army CL600 ARTEMIS BRIO68 orbiting over #Georgia
Virtual summit of the heads of the CSTO countries will be held tomorrow, January 10 - press service of the Armenian government
One person injured in a shooting in the center of Derbent
1 year ago
The Russian Aerospace Forces have completed the transfer of Armenian servicemen from the CSTO forces to Kazakhstan, the Russian Defense Ministry said
Kremlin says that Armenian PM Pashinyan told Putin that Armenia as current chair of CSTO will organize online meeting in coming days
A small gathering outside the parliament in Tbilisi in support of Kazakhstan protests happening now
"We expect if Armenia finds itself in such a situation, it will receive help": Secretary of the Armenian Security Council Grigoryan on the CSTO mission
1 year ago
Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan held a telephone conversation with Putin. They discussed the situation in Kazakhstan, as well as the implementation of joint steps within the CSTO
100 Armenian servicemen left for Kazakhstan as part of CSTO mission1 year ago
100 Armenian servicemen left for Kazakhstan as part of CSTO mission
Armenia sent about 70 servicemen to Kazakhstan
1 year ago
CSTO peacekeeping forces will be able to stay in Kazakhstan until the situation stabilizes - head of the State Duma committee Kalashnikov
Armenian PM Pashinyan: CSTO council, according to Article 4 of collective defense agreement, decided to deploy CSTO peacekeeping forces in Kazakhstan for limited time
Armenia begins consultations with the heads of the CSTO countries on Kazakhstan's request for the assistance - Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan
Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman spoke today with Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani: @DeputySecState noted the US will continue to urge Russia to withdraw its forces to pre-war positions and comply with the 2008 ceasefire agreement
Armenia announces that it will lift its embargo on Turkish products on January 1
1 year ago
One person, according to preliminary data, was injured in a gas explosion in an apartment building in Tuapse
1 year ago
Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has been transferred in the early hours of the morning from the Gori military hospital back to prison in Rustavi
Armenian PM Pashinyan had phone call with Russian PM Mishustin
1 year ago
Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Asadov and Russia Mikhail Mishustin spoke by phone about a trilateral working group with the participation of Deputy Prime Ministers of the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan and Armenia