21 June 2024
1 year ago
CSTO अभ्यास "अविनाशी भाईचारा", जिसे आर्मेनिया ने धारण करने से इनकार कर दिया, किर्गिस्तान - बयान में आयोजित किया जाएगा
1 year ago
लुकाशेंका ने सीएसटीओ महासचिव इमंगली तस्मागंबेटोव से मुलाकात की और कहा कि सीएसटीओ देशों को यूक्रेन और रूस के बीच युद्ध पर अपनी स्थिति तय करनी होगी।
Tens of Tbilisi residents from the arts scene protested on Feb. 12 against what they see as repressive acts of the Ministry of Culture against artist Sulaberidze. Police were out in force, earning President Zurabishvili's acid remark of it "being a hallmark of another era
Anti-terrorist operation regime introduced within the Petrovsky farm in the Stavropol Territory to foil the terrorist attack - FSB
Armenia has received another proposal from Azerbaijan on a peace agreement and is working on the text. Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan stated this at a joint press conference with German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock.
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the situation on the Lachin road by phone on Monday
Iranian journalist: "Sources close to Iran's Supreme NSC say the micro aerial vehicles & explosives used in a recent attack on a military facility in Isfahan were transferred into Iran by "dissident Kurdish groups" through Iraqi Kurdistan, "ordered by a foreign intel. agency"
1 year ago
The Azerbaijani Ministry of Interior: 39 people were arrested for carrying out subversive activities for Iran
Iranian media: explosive drones were launched through difficult passages in the northwest of the country
1 year ago
Azerbaijani media report that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan conducted a special operation in the editorial office of SalamNews and Interaz TV channel. 6 people detained, they are accused of propagating Iranian policy
Qatar FM (in joint presser with Iran FM): Now is the right time to resolve the problems regarding the nuclear deal Americans have also given us some messages to convey to Iran, regarding an issue that is related to the nuclear agreement and may not be directly related to it
मिस्र के राष्ट्रपति सिसी ने आर्मेनिया के पीएम पशिनयान से मुलाकात की
Iran FM (on Isfahan incident & its impact on nuclear talks): This coward action follows the efforts in past months to make Iran insecure. Our security apparatus acts with authority.Such actions cannot impact the will & intention of our experts for peaceful nuclear developments
1 year ago
Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs: We will evacuate our embassy staff and members of their families from Iran today
ईरानी और अज़रबैजानी विदेश मंत्रियों ने फोन कॉल में दूतावास पर हमले पर चर्चा की
Azerbaijan is now evacuating the embassy
1 killed, 2 wounded in attack on Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran
मखाचकला में पुलिस की कार्रवाई के बाद संदिग्ध ने सड़क पर गोलियां चलाईं, जिसमें एक घायल हो गया
Secretary Antony Blinken:I urged President Aliyev to immediately restore commercial traffic on the Lachin corridor. Each day it remains blocked risks a humanitarian crisis and undermines the steps that Armenia and Azerbaijan have taken toward peace. The U.S. is committed to supporting these efforts
According to Armenian authorities in Nagorny Karabakh, Azerbaijani side shutdown household gas transit to Armenian-controlled part
Sagarejo, Georgia: At least 5 people were killed and 5 were severely injured after a suspect opened the fire from the balcony. During the shootout one policeman was killed
According to Ministry of Defense of Armenia 15 servicemen were killed as result of fire in one of military units
Blackout in the northern of Kaspiysk after fire at substation
1 year ago
Aliyev: "If they are not interested in delimitation, we don't need it either. This means that the border will pass where we believe it should. If the border has not been delimited, then who can say that the border passes here, and not there"
Armenian Defense Ministry informed CSTO that Yerevan considers it no more appropriate to hold Organization exercises in the country - PM Pashinyan
लाचिन कॉरिडोर में स्थिति को लेकर रूसी निष्क्रियता के खिलाफ विरोध प्रदर्शन के 65 प्रतिभागियों को ग्युमरी में रूसी सैन्य अड्डे के पास हिरासत में लिया गया
1 year ago
The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry states: "Armenia's calls to send any international mission to the territory of Azerbaijan are regarded by us as another provocation against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan"
येरेवन में प्रदर्शनकारी लाचिन कॉरिडोर को डीब्लॉक करने की मांग कर रहे हैं
रूसी एफएसबी ने चेगेम, काबर्डिनो-बलकारिया में 2 लोगों को मार डाला, उन पर यूक्रेन की ओर से हमले की तैयारी करने का आरोप लगाया
1 year ago
आर्मेनिया के पीएम के साथ बैठक में पुतिन ने लाचिन कॉरिडोर की नाकाबंदी पर चर्चा की