11 December 2023
Anti-government protest today in Yerevan
A serviceman of the Armenian Armed Forces, who was held captive in Azerbaijan, returned to his homeland with the mediation of Russia, - the Armenian Defense Ministry said
Russian Ambassador to Armenia is on a working visit to Syunik. The ambassador paid tribute to the crew members of the Mi-24 helicopter which Azerbaijan shot down near Yeraskh during Nagorny Karabakh war. He also visited the positions of the Russian border guards near Kapan airport
Anti-government protests again today in Yerevan
अर्मेनियाई विपक्ष अर्मेनिया के एमएफए के पास विरोध कर रहा है
2 गहन देखभाल में, Tuapse में गैस विस्फोट के बाद। कुल 8 घायल1 year ago
2 गहन देखभाल में, Tuapse में गैस विस्फोट के बाद। कुल 8 घायल
1 year ago
The Azerbaijani military opened fire in the direction of the Armenian positions on the border, as a result Private Gor Aghvanovich Gyulsaryan, received a slight gunshot wound
Armenian opposition have held a protest march in Yerevan near the residence of the country's president, where the latter is meeting his Lithuanian colleague. Activists have called on the EU to pay attention to humanrights violations in Armenia
The police clashed with the protesters and made several arrests near Hrazdan stadium
रूसी एफएसबी ने माचक्कल में 2 संदिग्ध उग्रवादियों को मार गिराया
येरेवन में विपक्षी रैली में 280 से अधिक हिरासत में
1 year ago
Putin met Pashinyan, discussed Karabakh and economic cooperation
1 year ago
मास्को में सीएसटीओ नेताओं की बैठक शुरू
Tbilisi City Court sentenced Mtavari TV CEO to three years and six months in jail over alleged mismanagement of Rustavi2, an opposition TV station taken over by a pro-Government in 2019
दक्षिण ओसेशिया में व्यावसायिक अधिकारियों ने 17 जुलाई को रूस में शामिल होने के लिए जनमत संग्रह की घोषणा की1 year ago
दक्षिण ओसेशिया में व्यावसायिक अधिकारियों ने 17 जुलाई को रूस में शामिल होने के लिए जनमत संग्रह की घोषणा की
1 year ago
Armenian armed forces shelled Azeri positions in Kelbajar
येरेवन, अर्मेनिया में बड़ी विपक्षी रैली
Four marches demanding the resignation of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has taken place in Yerevan today. The police reported about the detention of 35 protesters
At a rally held in Yerevan, the opposition has suggested to set up an interim government after Nikol Pashinyan's power is overthrown
Protests continue in Armenia, major intersections blocked in central Yerevan
1 year ago
व्लादिकावकाज़ी में विकलिना बाजार में आग
Armenia- Opposition activist groups on Wednesday began blocking Yerevan's central streets to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, while police are mobilizing additional forces
Opposition protesters marching toward the parliament building on Baghramyan Avenue
????Opposition Protests: May 4, 2022 Acts of civil disobedience by opposition calling for the resignation of PM Pashinyan resumed again this morning. Protesters blocked the Kyivyan & Davitashen bridges and the overpass connecting Baghramyan and Komitas avenues in the capital
Armenia's National Security Service claims opposition leaders intend to "provoke illegal actions through provocations, incite protesters to seize the parliament building, force them to destabilize the internal security of the country"
येरेवन में पुलिस और सरकार विरोधी प्रदर्शनकारियों के बीच तनाव
Opposition march on Tumanyan St
आर्मेनिया के दूसरे राष्ट्रपति रॉबर्ट कोचरियन के बेटे लेवोन कोचरियन को पुलिस ने हिरासत में लिया था
येरेवन में पुलिस और प्रदर्शनकारियों के बीच तनाव
In the morning, police officers at the intersection of Baghramyan and Proshyan streets attacked a cameraman, and later a journalist from Yerkir Media fainted after being caught in a scuffle between police and protesters on the corner of Sayat Nova and Abovyan streets