A group of protesters walking down Mashtots Avenue in Yerevan

Map. History of Caucasus conflict

21 May 2018
2 week ago
Pashinyan: I had meetings with Tsarukyan Alliance, the ARF, and Yelk Bloc. I will be officially nominated by all those MPs in parliament, as the candidate for the position of PM
2 week ago
Pashinyan: Today, the RPA had a meeting and they announced that they will support the people's candidate. In other words, if we take into consideration today's political announcements, then during 2nd round of elections, your candidate will be elected PM
2 week ago
Pashinyan: We need to prepare documents and understand more carefuly the position of the RPA. We propose the following scenario - we will not have any acts of civil disobedience. You, the people, can rest. We will work in parliament
2 week ago
Pashinyan: Despite their announcement, we need to be vigilant. But tomorrow, you will go to class, whatever you have missed, you will read tonight. Follow my FB page because you never know how things might turn on their heads
2 week ago
Pashinyan: On the day of the election [May 8], we will gather here, not with 250,000 but with 500,000 people
2 week ago
Pashinyan: So, for the time being, we will stop our operations. Because what we do should have a purpose. I ask you to follow my FB page, and I will keep you informed of all the steps
2 week ago
Pashinyan: Long live the Republic of Armenia, the most beautiful and powerful country; long live the Republic of Artsakh, I bow before you all, I love you all. Loving live freedom, our children
2 week ago
Armenia's agriculture minister, Armen Amiryan, has stepped down as two members of the country's parliament have resigned from the ruling Republican Party
2 week ago
Armenia protest leader calls for end to strikes, says all parties support his PM bid
2 week ago
A top official in Armenia's ruling party says its members in parliament will vote for whichever candidate for prime minister gets nominated by one-third of lawmakers
Armenia ruling party will back Nikol Pashinyan for PM Pashinyan2 week ago
Armenia ruling party will back Nikol Pashinyan for PM Pashinyan
2 week ago
Pashinyan: On May 8, there will be a session in parliament to elect the PM. If in the 1st round, the factions submitted the name of the candidate, in the 2nd round, then 1/3 of MPs will nominate the candidate. We need 35 signatures
2 week ago
Pashinyan: I had prepared a detailed speech; but the political reality during the day changed. It is obsolete. I want you to remember that the belief and faith you had in yourself is what mattered, don't believe in any politician, believe in yourselves
2 week ago
Pashinyan: What happened today in Yerevan and Armenia was unprecedented; we shut down every street in the city, from the airport to highways
2 week ago
Rally in Republic Square has kicked off. Over 150,000 people have crammed the square with more streaming in. Leaders of the movement are addressing the crowd
2 week ago
Ruling Republican Party just announced that they will not put a candidate and will support the candidate that has at least 1/3 of the vote at the Parliament session on May 8
2 week ago
Nikol Pashinyan and Gagik Tsarukyan announced that the Tsarukyan bloc will support Pashinyan in the second round of voting in Parliament set to take place on May 8
Earlier, Nikol Pashinyan and Gagik Tsarukyan held a meeting, they later spoke with journalists where Tsarukyan said that they would be supporting Pashinyan's candidacy for PM2 week ago
Earlier, Nikol Pashinyan and Gagik Tsarukyan held a meeting, they later spoke with journalists where Tsarukyan said that they would be supporting Pashinyan's candidacy for PM
2 week ago
Nikol Pashinyan has announced FB: "At the moment I am meeting with Gagik Tsarukyan. I am inviting journalists to the main entrance of @Marriott Hotel." Armenia Yerevan rejecthhk
2 week ago
Nikol Pashinyan said he had a phone call with Catholicos Aram I of the Great House of Cilicia. "His Holiness salutes our movement," wrote Pashinyan on Facebook.
Armenian National Railways operator says it is suspending suburban rail services due to protests
2 week ago
Armenia acting premier: PM can be elected only in parliament, constitutionally
Armenian opposition leader warns government not to deploy troops; says force won't solve political crisis
TANAP gas pipeline to be launched on 19 June2 week ago
TANAP gas pipeline to be launched on 19 June
Armenia MPs to elect new prime minister on May 8: parliament speaker
Acting PM and the President just released a statement calling for "political dialogue" based on those I concluded that RPA is not willing to make any more compromises and looks like they will 'resist' till the end.
Protesters have surrounded the regional office of the Republican Party in Artashat
Drone captures thousands gathering in the Republican Square in Yerevan after the voting against Nikol Pashinyan as a Prime Minister2 week ago
Drone captures thousands gathering in the Republican Square in Yerevan after the voting against Nikol Pashinyan as a Prime Minister
Scenes from Yerevan on this day of massive civil disobedience following the parliament's failure to elect an MP
Nikol Pashinyan will be meeting with Gagik Tsarukyan of the Tsarukyan Alliance to discuss the May 8 election of PM today. Employees of the Ijevan City Hall and Tavush Regional Government have joined protesters. Reports of more labor strikes
2 week ago
The Bavra border crossing (Armenian-Georgian border) is blocked by protesters, approx 300 trucks are indefinitely stranded
Opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan is calling protesters to allow the road to Zvartnots International Airport be opened so that the airport may resume its operations
Armenia's Nikol Pashinyan says if parliament is dissolved his movement may boycott new election but decision not yet taken
"We will continue our strike and disobedience" - Armenia's Nikol Pashinyan says
Armenia Parliament session not held, lack of quorum
Man tears his republican party membership card in front of Marriott hotel in Yerevan
Georgia reveals first Javelin anti-tank missile systems
Opposition leader and PM candidate Nikol Pashinyan to give a press conference at the Marriott Hotel in Yerevan
A group of protesters walking down Mashtots Avenue in Yerevan
Acts of civil disobedience in towns and villages of Armenia including Yerevan Gyumri and Vanadzor
Armenian Central Bank has issued a statement in response to the concerns for mass withdrawal of deposits, saying they are in control of the situation and the financial system is functioning and stable
The employees of Spayka, the largest Armenian freight forwarding service have joined the labor strikes
Armenians dancing the Kochari at the roadblocks on Yerevan's outskirts.2 week ago
Armenians dancing the Kochari at the roadblocks on Yerevan's outskirts.
Reports are pouring in from locations across Yerevan of mass closures of streets by citizens since 8:15am this morning. The road to the airport also continues to be blocked by protesters. So far all actions remain peaceful.
Vanadzor city main square closed by students and teachers
Armenia's Maria Karapetyan, an anti-government activist, says "Pashinyan is calling for civil disobedience, not disruption"
Armenian protestors are beginning to shut down highway leading to the Yerevan's Zvartnots International Airport2 week ago
Armenian protestors are beginning to shut down highway leading to the Yerevan's Zvartnots International Airport
2 week ago
Yesterday, Armenia's National Assembly failed to elect a prime minister. Following the Special Session, opposition leader MP Nikol Pashinyan called for a national strike starting Wednesday to paralyze roads, railroads, airports, schools and public services.
A half hour break has been announced by the speaker of parliament during the special session that should elect Armenia's new prime minister. In the meantime here is drone footage from Republic Square 2 hours ago. #RejectSerzh Drone footage by Daron Titizian
The Nagorno-Karabakh veterans are here too
At least 20,000 rally in Armenian capital Yerevan to back protest leader's PM bid, an AFP journalist reports
Fire at Azerbaijan university2 week ago
Fire at Azerbaijan university
Armenian protest leader warns of 'political tsunami' if not elected PM
Pashinyan: I want to conclude, Armenia and the people are living a rebirth, a national and state renaissance, it is irreversible. Today's discussion isn't about who will be elected PM, but rather who will share the people's joy and hope Long live freedom, Armenia and Artsakh
Pashinyan: Since the 1990s, the people have lost hope because of stolen elections, the most important role of our govt will be ensuring free, fair and transparent elections, this requires political will and necessary changes to legislation
Pashinyan: We must immediately deal with the high levels of poverty in our country. And we will do this not through just social welfare but by Armenia's citizen feeling that he/she is able to building his/her own life
Pashinyan: People who have left our country, our Diaspora, is waiting for the opportunity to come back to our country, to invest here
Pashinyan: Regarding the Diaspora, we will no longer consider the Diapora only as a source for funding - but will call on the Diaspora for its expertise and professionalism in building a new country
Pashinyan: I guarantee there will be no more monopolies under my - starting tomorrow - there will be a diversification of the economy and free competition
Pashinyan: Serzh Sargsyan resigned on Apr. 23, however, the leadership of RPA thought they could nominate their own candidate, and that the people would be happy with Sargsyan's resignation. But this is not good enough
Pashinyan: HHK tried to keep their power by putting forth Karen Karapetyan as PM candidate. And until HHK keep playing cat and mouse with the people
Pashinyan: Until early this morning, Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan continue to put pressure to hold on to power and their tools remain the same - threats and fear
Pashinyan: But the Republican party still has time to redeem itself - and if they don't redeem themselves - they will be the reason for the massive flood that will result on our country's streets
Pashinyan: I call on all people, if you still have not hit the streets, is the time to join
Pashinyan: Seems surprising to people that we have said that our new gov. will not make "revolutionary" changes related to our international agreements. Russia will continue as our partner and we give particular importance to our positive relationship with Iran and Georgia
Pashinyan: While being in school, in the military, when looking for jobs a culture of fear was widespread, Armenia's citizen should never again feel weak in this country
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