Police getting into defensive positions

Map. History of Caucasus conflict

26 April 2018
The march joining the main crowd at Republic Square
Just a few minutes ago, several hundred protesters came to Melik Adamyan St., that has been blocked by special forces since the beginning of the protests. The ruling RPA office is located here + gov. bldg. They stayed for a few min and then left. Yerevan
1 week ago
More than 360 militants detained in the North Caucasus in 2017 - Russian Prosecutor General's Office
1 week ago
Armenia's former president Serzh Sarkisian elected as prime minister by parliament
Armenia's new PM (Serzh Sargsyan) addressing parliament right now, thanked his party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation; also thanking tycoon Gagik Tsarukyan's party for their support while being in "opposition"
Armenian Parliament votes 76-17 approving Sargsyan as Prime Minister
Serzh Sargsyan reaffirms Armenia's commitment to Karabakh conflict's peaceful settlement
Swelling crowds in Republic Square, parliament still to vote on PM for the country, Victory Bridge, one of the largest in Yerevan has been blocked by protesters, police are negotiating with protesters there, calls for a mass rally tonight in Republic Square in Yerevan
Nikol Pashinyan announces that they will move their protest to Republic Square in Yerevan, have placed protesters around several key govt bldgs, announcing a revolution in the country
A quadrocopter of the Armenian armed forces has been destroyed1 week ago
A quadrocopter of the Armenian armed forces has been destroyed
Protesters trying to takeover the Prosecutor General's bldg in Yerevan, right now.
Nikol Pashinyan announces the launch of a pannational velvet revolution as the Parliament of RA starts to elect Serzh Sargsyan as its next Prime Minister
Serzh Sargsyan: "Each branch of government must work together, and this can be achieved only parliamentary system." Talking abt details of governance, while thousands of citizens have blocked downtown core of Yerevan
Parliament is in session and Sargsyan making an address
Baghramyan Ave. in Yerevan. Parliament will vote in 15 minutes for a new prime minister, former pres. Serzh Sargsyan who has effectively been able to extend his power in the country.
Armenian parliament is holding special session
Yerevan: opposition leader Nikol Pashinian, with visible injuries from last night's clashes, has joined the crowd again. They are marching down and chanting. Two groups of protesters appear to have joined and formed a mass of people.
Police getting into defensive positions
The protest camp at France Square this morning at 8:50am
People continue to remain on France Square this evening as temperatures dip. Tomorrow more acts of civil disobedience expected in Yerevan - protesters will attempt to block all roads to parliament to prevent vote for new PM
Massive blackout in Chechnya, 287 thousands have no electricity after failure of 2 power supply lines
Armenian Ministry of Health says 46 people, including 6 police officers, sought medical assistance at hospitals in Yerevan today as a result of clashes between opposition demonstrators and riot police units. No life-threatening injuries yet thankfully.
In Yerevan, Armenia, police are deploying water cannons to disperse the protesters
Police made a statement that they will use force and special measures against peaceful protesters to dismiss the protest
1 week ago
One Armenian militaryman cause of "incident" at military unit in Nagorno-Karabakh
Leader of the movement "My step"(and leader of the whole protest) MP Nikol Pashinyan was hospitalized. Wounded in recent clashes
Several people were injured in Yerevan
Police using tear gas Yerevan protests
More footage from Yerevan Baghramyan Avenue as protesters clash with police
The demonstrators move from the French Square to Bagramyan Avenue, # parliament building. As stated by Nikol Pashinyan, they are going to work in the National Assembly
Clashes taking place with security forces, crowds chanting to police to join them Yerevan Armenia, vids by Roubina Margossian.
Baghramyan right now
Reports of similar protests, smaller in numbers, in Gyumri and Vanadzor as Armenians express their discontent not only with Serzh Sargsyan but a whole slew of other issues - injustice, poor education standard, corruption.
Additional police forces came to close the road to Parliament. Yerevan protests Armenia
Thousands in France Square as civil disobedience continues in the capital Yerevan. Ppl protesting Serzh Sargsyan's candidacy for PM of Armenia. City is completely paralyzed.
Rows of police at the entrance of Baghramyan Ave., Yerevan. Photo by Eric Grigorian.
The demonstrators have closed the Victory Bridge. Protesters urge drivers to join them and fight against Serzh Sargsyan's likely election as the country's next prime minister
Live broadcast from Yerevan protests
Live broadcast from Yerevan protests
Armenian Police Warn Protesters
Students are storming university buildings chanting "Student Strike" and "Join Us" - just a reminder, today the Republican Party of Armenia will formally nominate former Prez Serzh Sargsyan for the office of Prime Minister, extending his rule over the country. Yerevan
Peaceful mass civil disobedience growing in Yerevan with students and workers joining each other. protests armenia Photo: Roubina Margossian
The demonstrators noticed that the doors to Yerevan State Pedagogical College were closed, students were left inside and they were prohibited from joining the demonstration.
Protest against outcomes of presidential election: about 1500 people came to protest, they are holding posters with slogans reading: I did not choose you, as well as portraits of political prisoners and flags of Azerbaijan and the EU1 week ago
Protest against outcomes of presidential election: about 1500 people came to protest, they are holding posters with slogans reading: "I did not choose you", as well as portraits of political prisoners and flags of Azerbaijan and the EU
Big protests in Yerevan, protesters blocking streets with trash bins and benches
The demonstrators led by Nikol Pashinyan entered the Pedagogical University and called on the students to go out and join the protests
1 week ago
Azerbaijan: 76 ceasefire violations in last 24 hours, attacks both from Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenian territory
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