Map. History of Caucasus conflict

17 December 2017
Russia's 'withdrawal' from Syria has included just one of the (at minimum) four battalions of military police there.
What Saakashvili is doing is spitting in the face of the Georgian people and spitting in the face of the Ukrainian people, Putin says.
Azerbaijani Mindef: As a result of violation of the ceasefire regime by units of the armed forces of Armenia, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Salakhov Fizuli Suleyman oglu was killed
Armenia to annul protocols on normalization of relations with Turkey before spring 2018 - FM
Azerbaijan and Russia discuss military-technical cooperation
Russian military police return to Makhachkala, Dagestan from their posting in Syria
Tu-22M3 planes being redeployed to their bases as Syria mission is finished
Former party of @SaakashviliM in Georgia demands his release from pre-trial detention.
3 suspected militants were killed in counter-terror operation in Stavropol'
Monument to Russian "peacekeeper" was opened in occupied Abkhazia
Chechen Ombudsman Demands to Block "Destructive Resources" "Caucasian Knot" and "Kavkaz.Realii"
The Protocol of the 10th meeting of the Azerbaijan-Turkey High-Level Military Dialogue were signed
Human rights ombudsman Moskalkova continues to press for govt to open criminal case into Chechnya's gay purge
Rally in support of Saakashvili today in Tbilisi
US State Secretary Tillerson: Georgia is largest per capita contributor to Afghanistan; we strongly support Georgia's aspirations to become NATO member. We strongly support the open door policy. No third party should have anything to say about a country's pursuit of NATO membership
NATO is engaged in dialogue and cooperation with Georgia on BlackSea security plus on: energy security, explosive disposal, cyber, intel, secure communications - @jensstoltenberg
We remain concerned and call on Russia to end its recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions of Georgia and withdraw its forces from that territory - NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
We are fully committed to providing Georgia with advice and tools it needs to advance toward eventual NATO membership - @jensstoltenberg
Foreign ministers will review the implementation of our support for Georgia: strengthening its defence institutions and assisting its path towards membership in NATO - @jensstoltenberg
Baku hosts the 10th meeting of the Azerbaijan-Turkey High-Level Military Dialogue
The Commission of Rostekhnadzor to find out the cause of a power outage in Chechnya, on 3 December. About 878 thousand residents were left without electricity due to a failure
Russia launched military drill in occupied Tskhinvali
NATO Secretary General: We will hold meeting of NATO-Georgia Commission. Georgia is one of Alliance's closest partners. We work together on many issues
On NATO - Georgia Commission, we will discuss areas for closer cooperation, such as Black Sea security - @jensstoltenberg
Russia further expands North Caucasian military police units for Syria: 150 North Ossetian soldiers to be sent to Syria in coming days
A crane has been set up at Aleppo's Great Mosque. Seems that Chechen-funded reconstruction effort is underway.
Russian Air Force 223rd Flight Unit Ilyushin Il-76MD plane flew from Latakia Bassel Al-Assad International Airport Syria to Russian Air Force base in Mozdok Ossetia near Vladikavkaz through Turkish airspace
Chechen militant Akhmed Chatayev, suspected of organising the June 2016 attack on Istanbul's airport, was one of three men killed during a counter-terror operation in the capital Tbilisi last week, Georgian authorities said on Friday
Georgia confirms Istanbul airport attack plotter killed in security operation in capital Tbilisi
Azerbaijan reported about 130 shellings at the contact line